Estate Planning And Probate In The Portland Area

At the Hollywood-area law office of Richard E. Fowlks, we have more than 35 years of legal experience assisting people throughout the Portland area with estate matters. With your family's future and financial stability in mind, we provide prompt and honest guidance throughout the estate planning and probate processes.

Our Approach To Estate Planning

We start the estate planning process by listening. Our lawyer, Richard E. Fowlks, will learn about your ideas. What do you want to do in general? What assets are important to you? What do you want to happen to those assets in the future? After we find out about your ideas and goals, we will construct a personalized estate plan using any of the following tools:

Guardianships And Conservatorships

We assist with the creation of guardianships and conservatorships. Additionally, we can handle the administration aspects of guardianships and conservatorships and represent people in contested cases.

Probate And Estate Administration

We have extensive experience handling probates of all levels of complexities. In Oregon, probate is driven by the value of the estate. If an estate is under a certain dollar amount, matters can be resolved through a small estate proceeding with an affidavit of claiming successor. If an estate is over a certain dollar amount, it will need to go through the probate process. We have the experience to handle very complex probates involving businesses, real estate holdings and more.

We represent clients in will contests and estate litigation. If there is a claim of undue influence in the creation of the will or anything similar, our goal is to work with you to see that your loved one's true wishes are followed.

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