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At the Hollywood-area law office of Richard E. Fowlks, we have more than 35 years of legal experience resolving family law issues for people throughout the Portland area. Personalized and practical legal assistance is our focus as we strive to achieve your goals. Your case is unique. You can expect us to listen, because we are committed to doing what is right for you.

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Our Oregon family law attorney, Richard E. Fowlks, handles cases involving:

We Know How To Handle The Most Complex Cases

The emotions involved tend to make divorce and family law cases challenging. Other issues can also add layers of complexity. Perhaps you are going through a divorce and you are concerned about how the small business that you or your spouse owns will be divided. Perhaps you or your spouse has stock options, out-of-state real estate holdings or other important or unique pieces of property. We have the experience to serve as your advocate no matter how complex your family law case may seem.

We are experienced in collaborating with accountants, appraisers, financial experts and medical professionals in seeking the best result for you.

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