Navigating High-Asset Divorce In The Portland Area

Professionals and business owners going through a divorce have more at stake when it comes to finances, making it extremely important that you work with an experienced divorce attorney. It is in your best interests to be represented by someone who has knowledge of business law, finances and knows how divorce will impact your business.

At Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, we have the skills and legal abilities to conquer even the most complex divorce cases in Multnomah County and the surrounding areas. We are here to answer your questions, address your legal concerns, and use our knowledge to protect your rights and your assets.

Dividing Businesses, Retirement Accounts And Pension Plans

Our Portland high-asset divorce attorney is a business owner himself and fully understands the importance of preserving your business's integrity and protecting your assets.

Attorney Richard Fowlks has a wide network of business valuation experts, real estate professionals and forensic accountants he can work with in the divorce process to fully ensure that your assets, retirement accounts and pension plans are protected. He also has significant experience handling business transactions and business litigation, which is useful when working on high-asset divorce cases.

Understanding Your Options

When you come to our firm, we will explain to you what options you can pursue and what the likely outcome will be for your case. Mr. Fowlks is highly knowledgeable of divorce and family law in Oregon, and will use his knowledge to your benefit.

Contact An Oregon Lawyer Who Can Make A Difference

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