Domestic Partnership And Cohabitation Agreements

In the event that a same-sex marriage or other relationship does not last, you will need competent legal counsel from an attorney who knows Oregon state laws and how your domestic partnership or cohabitation agreement will affect the dissolution. At Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, we offer the level of experience you are seeking.

Attorney Richard Fowlks has more than 35 years of experience representing clients in Portland, Multnomah County and throughout the Tri-County area in divorce and family law matters. In addition, he frequently represents clients in dissolution of domestic partnership agreements and also with issues involving cohabitation agreements.

Dissolution Of Same-Sex And Heterosexual Relationships

Same-sex couples and couples who choose not to be married often have domestic partnership or cohabitation agreements drafted to protect their rights. And just like in divorce cases, couples going through a dissolution face issues involving property, children and custody, and more.

At Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, we represent men and women in all types of issues relating to domestic partnership and cohabitation agreements, including:

  • Drafting agreements
  • Making changes to existing agreements
  • Dissolution of a domestic partnership

Our job is to explain to you what your legal options are and the possible outcomes of your situation so you can make a smart decision for yourself, your children and your family. Mr. Fowlks makes it a priority to stay up-to-date with changing laws in Oregon and on the federal level that affect same-sex marriage, and will use his knowledge to your advantage.

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