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Child support payments benefit your children, not your ex

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Child Support

One contentious area of child custody cases is the assignment of child support. The paying parent might not mind supporting their child but might resent having to give the payments to their ex. Still, these court-ordered payments must be made as ordered by the court. Failing to provide the financial support to your children can lead to you being incarcerated.

We know that you might not think that you should have to pay your ex. After all, the children probably spend time with you too. Unfortunately, there is a specific formula for the financial support of children that must be followed. You might realize that you don’t need to be cranky with your ex because you have to pay.

You should take the time to think about how child support payments benefit your children. Your ex might pay the mortgage or car payment with the money. This gives your child a roof over their head and a safe place to live, as well as a way to get places. Sometimes, parents might pay utility bills, buy food or cover entertainment expenses with child support. All of these are completely acceptable.

There are times when a recipient parent might not use child support as it is intended to be used. When this happens, the paying parent can file a petition to get the behavior to stop. There is a chance that the court will step in and monitor the payments, but this doesn’t happen automatically. In fact, it usually only happens in severe cases in which the child is neglected.

We recognize that you might already be on a tight budget. Even if this describes you, follow the directions of the court and take care of your obligations.