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Tips for sharing news of your divorce with others

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Divorce

The decision to legally end a marriage isn’t one that anyone takes lightly. There are usually a lot of things that come together when a couple decides to split. Once you make the decision, you have another difficult task. You have to tell others that you are divorcing.

It is usually a good idea to share the news with those closest to you first. You might want to tell your family members so that they don’t hear it from anyone else. Ask them to be there to support you and your children during this big life change. The same thing is true for your very close friends.

One challenge that you might come across is that people might think they have to choose a side. Unless you are in a very contentious divorce, this probably isn’t the case. It is possible for people to remain amicable with both parties. If you have children with your ex, you should fully expect to have some sort of relationship with their family and that they will have one with yours because both sides are still the kids’ family members.

You might find that people follow your lead when you divorce. If you and your ex continue to have a positive friendship, they might feel less pressured to take sides. They may notice that you get along and might appreciate how you have come together as friends even though you didn’t last romantically as a couple.

Ensure that you are taking steps to protect the relationships with family members and friends that are important to you. It is natural that some might falter since you aren’t married any longer, so be prepared for that.