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Small assets must be split in property division

Many people think about the major assets when they think about the property division process in a divorce. It might not really be shocking to think about other things that have to be divided, but these smaller items can pose a real challenge. It is imperative that you think carefully about these aspects of the split.

Each room of the home has items that need to be split up. These are things like the living room furniture, the bedroom set, lamps, dining room table and chairs, and similar items. Deciding who gets to keep all of these items is necessary so that the divorce can proceed.

Not only do you have those higher ticket items, but you also have to think about the miniscule assets, such as the silverware and wall décor. Even sheets have to be given a home. When you think about all the things that are in the home, it is easy to see why it is so important for you and your ex to communicate and compromise.

Some items might be more difficult to figure out what to do with. Kids’ items are one example. These items will likely go with the custodial parent, but the other parent might ask to keep some items for when the child goes to their home. When it comes to items for the children, the value of those doesn’t count for either parent since they have to do with the kids.

Pictures are another item that you might disagree about. If both parties want the same picture, you can always have copies made and split the cost for having that done.

The more detailed the property division order, the less chance that there might be disagreements later.