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Does A Move Align With Your Custody Arrangement?

When you bought your home, you thought it was going to be where you lived for a long time, perhaps for the rest of your life. Circumstances change and there is a good reason you may need to move, but what about your custody arrangement?

Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, has 40 years of experience guiding families through the legal complications of important transitions. We offer honest, empathetic advice to mothers and fathers feeling pressure during times of change. Knowing you have a lawyer with a calming, caring focus on your problems will eliminate the stress you are feeling.

Legal Questions To Keep In Mind

Perhaps you are unsure about whether you need to speak to a lawyer regarding your upcoming move and its custody implications. Your uncertainty regarding your move may cause you to ask questions such as:

  • Is moving further away from my former in-laws going to cause issues? In Oregon, the state recognizes the right of grandparents to visitation. If you are moving out of state or to an area in which your child may be distant from one set of grandparents, you may run into potential problems.
  • How will my move affect my joint custody agreement? In a joint custody arrangement, the children spend time with both parents. If one parent moves far enough away to make that impossible, then your current custody agreement will need to be modified.
  • My child does/does not want to move with me. What impact does that have on the court’s decision? Very little. In general, the state of Oregon does not take a child’s wishes into account when it comes to custody decisions.

We Offer Time-Sensitive Advice

Sometimes moves are very sudden and you need to make decisions quickly. Because we respect your time, our reduced rate initial consultation has no strings attached and no time limit. We will cover every question you have so you can make the right choices for your next step. Contact us today through our online form, or by calling 503-505-7941 or 888-779-8837.

Our office is in Portland and we work throughout the tri-county area.