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Changing The Terms Of Your Divorce

Your life changed when you got your divorce but it is not the last way your life is going to change. Through new jobs, new relationships and unforeseen emergencies, you will see ups and downs. The agreements post-divorce — such as alimony and child custody agreements — are living documents. They are expected to be altered as your lives move forward.

Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, has 40 years of experience in supporting families at those moments of change so they do not get bogged down by out-of-date agreements. We educate every client we have in how the modifications process works in Oregon.

Have You Undergone A Significant Change?

There was so much time and energy put into your divorce agreements that it can be intimidating to think that they need to be renegotiated. It’s even possible you have known for some time that you need to make alterations but you have been putting it off. It is never too late to get the relief you need if your life has changed in unexpected ways such as:

  • Losing your job
  • Getting re-married
  • Receiving a large inheritance

Ensuring that you are being appropriately supported and not burdened more than you can bear is why we are here. We will work to change your agreements to something that is more manageable.

Enforcing Your Parenting Time

The other reason to make changes to an agreement is if your agreements have been ignored. Custody agreements mean that both parents have the time they need to be there for their children. When one parent unilaterally decides to violate a joint custody arrangement or refuses to allow a parent visitation, we can safeguard your agreed-upon right to spend time with your child.

Calming Support From An Experienced Lawyer

If you are feeling overwhelmed about your changing circumstances, reach out to us today through our contact form, or by calling 503-505-7941 or 888-779-8837. We can schedule you for an initial consultation at our reduced rate. There are no strings attached and no time limit.

We are located in Portland and serve the tri-county area.