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Overview Of The Paternity Process

Oregon, like every state, has specific laws regarding paternity. In general, the spouse of the mother is considered to be a child’s father. From there, if that fact is disputed for any reason, then the child’s paternity is considered contested.

When paternity is contested, a civil proceeding is held to establish paternity. There, the child and the parents are subjected to a blood test and the resulting information is reviewed to determine the biological father. Once paternity is established, it can be an essential cornerstone in proceedings to secure visitation rights or child support.

We Serve Both Mothers And Fathers

Questions about a child’s paternity, no matter the relationship status of the child’s biological parents, can be uncomfortable. When dealing with these difficult issues, you want a lawyer who will regard your case with sensitivity and discretion.

Richard E. Fowlks, Attorney at Law, has spent over 40 years helping clients through difficult moments in regards to paternity. We take your privacy and concerns very seriously, and we will help alleviate your stress. Whether you are a father looking for visitation rights or a mother seeking support for her child, we will guide you through the process.

Caring Advice In A Troubling Time

Having the paternity of your child called into question is a painful experience. It does not matter what circumstances you were under. It only matters that your personal life is going to be a matter of public record. A sensitive, discrete lawyer can be an incredible comfort when it feels like you have lost control of your personal life in this way.

Our team has the experience and discretion to provide solutions to your paternity case. Our reduced rate initial consultation has no time limit and there is no obligation, so you can get the answers to all of your questions at once. Contact us at our Portland office by calling 503-505-7941 or 888-779-8837, or using our online form. We work throughout the tri-county area.